Art adventures: Jewelry making

I have tried a variety of things to reinvigorate my creativity recently. I am teaching photography and image editing to a local woman; I have taken my 5D out on a couple of shoots (only to return it to its bag rather quickly); and I recently started Julia Cameron’s 12-week creativity course with a photographer friend.  It was only after taking my glassblowing class last month that I felt something really shift for me.  In order to keep the creative momentum going, I signed up for another art class ASAP.

Late last month, I visited Pikake Beads on Ali’i Drive for a beginner jewelry-making class.  I love jewelry and was mildly interested in making some even though I thought it just involved stringing together a couple of beads and attaching a pre-made earring hook.  Not so.

I spent more than three hours there, first learning basic wire-wrapping techniques from store owner, Jasmin, and then creating one pair of earrings (with Jasmin’s help).  Wire wrapping and jewelry design are more difficult than I expected.  I’m definitely not a natural, but I like it.  So much so that I returned again last week to make a bracelet.  I again needed some help from the friendly staff, but I’m loving the experience of creating something with my hands.

First decorative wire wraps – practice during class

My first earrings

First bracelet

What art forms do you enjoy?  Any you think I should check out?


Kate - Thank you, Cassandra! I'm slowly embracing the “a”rtist word. I'm loving exploring new art forms – lampwork is coming soon.

Coach Cassandra Rae - I missed this post – it was published while I was on vacation :~) You are quite the artist, Kate. Keep exploring. I'm having fun watching where it's taking you.

Kate - Thanks, Mom! Maybe we can do stained glass together in Australia.

Sally - The jewelry is super fantastic – congratulations on very creative designs. I like all of the glass – especially the cobalt blue. I'm still sticking to the stain glass idea – but maybe when I actually retire. Mom

Kate - I'll keep that in mind for gift time. 🙂

Amanda - Ooooohhh, pretty, make me some! LOL 😀

Kate Watson - Thank you, Mary! I looked into ceramics classes here on the Big Island. The only ones I could find are private lessons at $180/class, so it looks like I'll be waiting until our next destination for clay. Definitely seems like something I'd enjoy, though; thanks for the recommendation!

Mary - Hi Kate, your earrings and bracelet are very pretty. Love the bracelet especially! I really enjoy sculpture, although I have not gotten my hands on any clay in years. I think you would be great at it, and may find it very relaxing. You could even apply the wire wrapping you have learned to the sculpting if you make clay beads. 🙂