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Art adventures: Arts Unique Gallery

Ok, I know the number of arts-related blog posts has skyrocketed recently. I hope that you are reasonably entertained because I’m having a blast! I realized something about myself in the past few days: I have a seemingly limitless capacity for exploring galleries and artists. No matter how similar the merchandise may be, no matter […]

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Art adventures: Ring making in Nelson, NZ

I had heard about jeweler Pete Elsbury before arriving in Nelson, at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. My obsession with paua had led me to seek out genuine paua artists as I’m not a fan of mass-produced “artwork.” On our first day in town, Brian and I walked right by Elsbury’s Lustre Gallery–which […]

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Kaikoura in pictures

Even if only for its scenic beauty, Kaikoura would be one of my favorite places in New Zealand. Luckily, it also is a nice little town with friendly locals, interesting shops and excellent wildlife-viewing opportunities. It was still chilly there, so we buttoned up while exploring the beach and enjoying the views. On our way […]

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