One Thing Every Creative Must Have

What Every Creative Must Have

Someone recently asked me why I created The Artist’s Way Creative Cohort.

In a word: community.

It’s the one thing every creative must have and it’s not that easy to come by.

Working from home, I often hanker for authentic connection with fellow creatives instead of the constant promotion and posturing on social media. But I’m strongly introverted and can’t handle much in-person networking.

Traditional networking doesn’t work that well for women anyway. As Daniëlle van de Kemenade writes, women connect best with each other when they focus on personal growth, not self-promotion.

Having slogged through the ashes of creative burnout—sadness, regret, anger, frustration, blocks, and limiting beliefs—and made it to the other side, I also know how important it is to have someone along for the ride.

And for someone who’s always wanted to engage her creativity, but never seems to make the time or is afraid to take that next step, having a support network is the key missing piece. I know that, too, because there’s a frustrated artist (or two) in my life.

Maybe you can relate.

I’m talking about a woman who loves art and relishes spending time with creative folks, but doesn’t create anything herself.

She says she’s too busy or isn’t that creative while secretly wishing she could pick up a new hobby or artistic outlet, maybe something simple like coloring.

Whenever she gets too close to that dream, someone in her life puts a wrinkle in her plan and a furrow on her brow by suggesting that she’s wasting her time or money. And so she gives up before she’s even begun.

That other person probably even means well. He may have her best intentions at heart. But he’s not her and so he can’t really say whether it’s in her best interest to color or sew or stand up for open-mic night.

Only she can determine that. Taking a stand for her creativity may make her feel a bit uncomfortable. Or incredibly vulnerable. She, too, needs a support system.

That’s why I created The Artist’s Way Creative Cohort. I wanted to share my creative process with fellow creatives and reap the rewards of having a creative community: camaraderie, connection, and collaboration with like-minded women who offer each other support and accountability.

If you’re looking for creative community, too, I hope you’ll join us. To learn more, click over here.

Kate Watson

Kate Watson - Thank you, Cassandra! I’m looking forward to more community and connection in 2016.

Cassandra Rae - Yes! Community is one of my core values and a big part of why I do what I do. Good on you for creating what you want to have.