Postcard from Ghana: Textures

Whenever I’m photographing for myself, I’m drawn to textures — interesting mixes of inanimate objects, macro images of small details and more. Here are a few vignettes of life and textures from Cape Coast, Ghana:




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Postcard from Ghana: More Global Mamas

Here are some more pics from my visit with Cape Coast seamstresses last Thursday.  First up is Gifty, who works in a little storefront in Cape Coast:

Like Joanna, Gifty has two apprentices:

George, fellow volunteer Eana, and I then went to Moree Junction to meet Sabina and Philomina.  Sabina works on an interior patio at her home:

When we visited with her, she was working hard on some adult dresses:

On the way back to the office, we made a quick trip to see Philomina, who works with three apprentices.  Here’s a nice pic of Philomina as she works on a garment:

Kate Watson, Photographer

Melissa - I love all the colors in your pics! Hope you’re having a great time :-)

denise olson - oh I’m in love with those sewing machines….my grandmother had one just like it!! you’ve captured their passion brilliantly!!

Postcard from Ghana: Joanna’s Fabrics

Thursday, I visited some local seamstresses — creators of Global Mamas’ many batik clothing and accessories — to document their work.  A WiP staff member, George, served as my guide and interviewed the women about their 2009 progress.  Their general consensus is that each has increased revenue in 2009 and gained confidence in her skills and product quality as a result of training and support provided by Global Mamas. Yea!

Joanna (left), owner of Joanna’s Fabrics, has worked with Global Mamas for two years.  She works out of her home in Cape Coast, Ghana with two apprentices (on right) making, among other things, my favorite Global Mamas shoulder bag: the Urban Explorer.

Here, Joanna cuts the fabric for a new bag:

While her apprentice sews some trim:

All of the women we visited use the Butterfly sewing machine.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

Before we left, we grabbed a few quick portraits of Joanna for the Women in Progress website.  George had a great rapport with her and kept her laughing.  Good times!

Have a great weekend,
Kate Watson, Photographer

Kimmy Little - Wow! I love the colors in these pictures Kate. Looks like an amazing trip!

Jon McCormack - Wonderful images Kate. I hope you are having a great trip.



Postcard from Ghana: Krobo Bead Market

During my trip to Krobo last weekend, I toured the local bead market with new Peace Corps volunteer and WIP staff member Rebecca.  We met several of the women who craft beads for Global Mamas, including Mame Adjo, below:

Below, Rebecca does some business with a bead maker, and Margaret shows off her wares:

And one more photo from where we stayed, Aylos Bay.  A local woman canoed by me early one morning, singing a song, and I captured one photo as she passed me by:krobo4

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Kate Watson, Photographer

P.S. On a personal note, Happy Birthday to my cousin Nancy!  Hope it’s a great one!