What I Know About You

What I Know About You, Dear Reader

On this cool November evening, I’m envisioning you curled up on your sofa with a fuzzy blanket, sipping tea from your favorite floral mug, and watching guilty pleasure television while you casually scroll through your Facebook feed and skim news stories on your iPhone.

Why? Because what I know about you, thanks to your responses to last month’s reader survey, is that you and I are kindreds. And that’s what I’m doing, too; well, minus the phone and plus my MacBook Pro. Consummate multi-taskers, aren’t we?

I’ve decided to share the findings of my reader survey so that you know you were heard and I can convey my vision for this site and my work, based on your feedback. Here’s what I know about you:

#1. You’re a woman.

Despite my Google Analytics account suggesting that 55% of this blog’s readership is male, I know you’re a woman. Not only were 100% of the responses to my reader survey from women (yep, every. last. one.), all of my current course participants are women, and more than 90% of my newsletter subscribers are women. So, you’re a woman—or a particularly uncommunicative male.

#2. You’re close to my age.

There was some variation here, for sure; however, you’re probably somewhere between 30 and 45. That makes sense because our 30s seem to be the time we start bringing who we really are and what we want most into being. Let’s do this, sister!

#3. You love personal development.

While a few survey responders were interested in world-changing ideas and inspiring people, the vast majority of you want to read about personal growth, self care, and relationships. Great! I want to write about those things, too, so we’re on the same page.

I’ll also throw in some posts about inspirational people and ideas here and there, but I know that large-scale change begins with personal change and so that’s the best place to begin.

#4. You want more stories.

Personal stories and my art and photography led the way on what you’d like to see on this blog. Guest posts and interviews were also popular and there was a significant minority who wanted some audio and video and other people’s art and photography.

Here’s what that means for you: There will definitely be more personal stories going forward. I’m also reaching out to interesting women to guest post and share their views—particularly in areas outside my expertise—on topics that interest busy women like us.

#5. You want personal attention.

Who doesn’t, right? You’re intrigued by the idea of in-person retreats and small group programs, and you might be interested in a downloadable guide, short email course, or webinar, if it was on the right topic and at the right time.

I’ll have to work some magic on developing that retreat; I have some ideas but I’ll need a co-conspirator or two to bring it into being. However, a small group program is on the horizon. Stay tuned for details next week.

So, there you have it. This is what I know about you after reading your responses to the reader survey.

If I missed something—like that you’re really a man! (j/k)—please let me know in the comments or hop on over and take the survey.

Kate Watson