A Call to Beauty

Would you like to reinvigorate your sense of wonder?

Would you like to feel a deeper sense of peace and connection to this world and your fellow inhabitants?

Join me for A Call to Beauty, a 12-week program that invites you to rediscover all of the wonder in our human experience.

A Call to Beauty

What is it?

Delivered straight to your inbox over 12 weeks, A Call to Beauty introduces you to a variety of practices to tune into more beauty in your world each and every day. Each lesson invites you to seek things that inspire you and invoke a sense of wonder, to become more present and grateful for your life in the here and now.

What do you mean by beauty?

Beauty, n. The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations, a meaningful design, or something else. Something that delights the senses and pleases the mind.

For the purposes of this course, beauty is anything that excites the senses and invokes a deep sense of reverence with you. Beauty brings you into deeper attunement with the world around you, to your fellow beings, and to the wonder of our daily life.

As John O’Donohue writes in Beauty: The Invisible Embrace: “Beauty dwells at the heart of life. If we can free ourselves from our robot-like habits of predictability, repetition and function, we begin to walk differently on the earth.”

Why this course?

Developing a beauty practice entails developing a deeper gratitude for our lives as they are, with all of life’s quirks, foibles, passions, and disappointments.

Through A Call to Beauty, you will:

  • Discover more beauty in this world
  • Feel more connected to the world around you
  • Develop a deeper sense of peace and presence
  • Experience more gratitude for your life and the wonder of our human experience
  • Develop your own beauty practice

How does it work?

“This course wasn’t like others I’ve experienced; Kate really encourages you to get out into life, to explore, to adventure, to try new things and I’ve come away with deeper self-appreciation and tools I use in my daily life to slow down and enjoy beauty in whatever ways it decides to show up in my life.” ~Eliza Ceci

Over the 12-week course duration, you will receive one lesson per week. Each lesson will include an invitation to contemplate beauty in a certain way, a downloadable computer wallpaper to remind you of the week’s theme as you go through your daily life, and one or more exercises or meditations to further your development of a beauty awareness practice.

The course structure proceeds from explorations of beauty in our tangible, physical world to more abstract concepts that shape our human experience. We’ll explore:

  • The Nature of Beauty
  • The Beauty of Nature
  • Beauty Made by Mankind
  • The Beauty of the Human Body
  • The Beauty of Your Self
  • The Beauty of Oneness
  • Beauty in Overlooked and Unexpected Places
  • Beauty in Simplicity and Complexity
  • Beauty in Order and Chaos
  • Beauty in Creation and Destruction
  • The Beauty and Fragility of Life
  • The Beauty of Transitions


What Others Say

“I liked the rich emails, which were very thoughtful, informative, and personal. The pacing was really great. I liked that we had a whole week to see what came up on a particular topic. This is a program that can easily fit into your schedule and will help you create a habit of seeing beauty. The value was worth way more than the price.” ~ Kim Manley Ort

“Taking time out of my day to stop and notice the beauty in the big and small things in life is such a powerful and underdeveloped talent for an east coaster. These gentle reminders help me to stop, breathe, feel, and become present. The personal stories Kate shares helped me connect deeper to the course content and reflect on my own life.

There are so many wonderful moments of clarity I’ve had going through the exercises and using her suggestions—it’s been a fun class! Opening me up. Supporting me in connecting with who I am and what I like. Appreciating the ordinary. Feeling really grateful for my place in it all.

“This course wasn’t like others I’ve experienced; Kate really encourages you to get out into life, to explore, to adventure, to try new things and I’ve come away with deeper self-appreciation and tools I use in my daily life now to slow down and enjoy beauty in whatever ways it decides to show up in my life today.” ~Eliza Ceci, Peace on My Plate

“Kate, your e-course really resonated with me. What I love about it is the way you’ve organized the course into twelve weeks and twelve unique and sometimes surprising ways of accessing and finding Beauty. I also liked how you wove your own story in with “My story” and “Your turn,” for what the reader will do to really embody that particular aspect of beauty.

“The course has a lot to offer and really lives up to its goal, which is to get the reader to see more beauty or pay attention more to beauty in life.” ~Elizabeth Hunter, The Adoptive Mother

“Thank you, Kate, for organizing a wonderful course. I most appreciated the daily interaction from you and the other participants. The feedback and thoughtful dialogue gave great meaning to the process.” ~ Joyce N.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? — A Call to Beauty is for anyone who wants to develop a deeper sense of reverence for life and the world around you.

What do I need to participate? — To participate, you will need access to an email account. All of the course lessons are deployed via email. A pen and journal are suggested but not required.

How long will I have access to the course? — Because the course is delivered straight to your inbox, the lessons are yours in perpetuity. That means, you can proceed with the course on our weekly schedule or on your own timeline.

Will I be able to connect with others doing the course? — Yes, the best way to connect with others participating in the course is to share your thoughts and discoveries on Instagram each week, using a special hashtag I’ve created for us. I will be there and I encourage you to join me, if you’d like to.

I’m not comfortable sharing my process so publicly. Is there a way to share more privately? — Yes, if you have a private Instagram account, I invite you to email me your account information after signing up for this course. I will then request to follow you. Once you approve me, I will be able to see your posts and support you on your journey.

Is this a photography course? Not really. Although we’ll be connecting via Instagram, this course is about discovering more beauty in the world, not about photography per se. I’ll encourage you to document the beauty you discover as a way of savoring the moment, but we’re not going to be exploring any technical aspects of photography.

I just signed up. What happens now? — If you joined the course before the course launch date, you will receive your first email on the first day of the course. If you joined the course on or after the launch date, you will receive your first email within 24 hours of enrollment. Subsequent emails are delivered weekly.