Art Aligned Guide for Photographers


Are you tired of giving your heart and soul to your photography business and having nothing to show for it?

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients?

Are you confused about what, if anything, differentiates you from the 5,000 other photographers in your market?

The Art Aligned Guide for Photographers was designed just for you. This self-study guide leads you step-by-step through creating a photography business that’s authentically aligned with you—and authentically different from everyone else.

Through 120 pages chock full of juicy, thought-provoking content and soul-searching exercises, you’ll be guided to:

  • Uncover what makes you unique as an individual and photographer
  • Discover the motivations driving your photography
  • Understand what most inspires you, visually and emotionally
  • Craft a clear vision for your art and business
  • Hone your natural artistic tendencies to develop your signature style
  • Choose appropriate brand elements to support your vision and style
  • Develop verbiage that communicates your value to prospective clients
  • Create an individualized brand that sets you apart from everyone else in your market


Kate, WOW! You’ve outdone yourself. Sisters, if you’re looking to start a photo business or rethink, redefine, or reevaluate the one you’ve got, then Art Aligned has got the guide for you. 

~ Tracey Clark, photographer and founder of shutter sisters

In Art Aligned, I share with you:

  • How to set the groundwork for success—on your own terms
  • How fear can stand in your way and what to do about it
  • The definitive answer to “how do I stand out from my competition?”
  • How to communicate your unique value to clients
  • 8 elements to crafting a style that will truly be your own
  • Why branding is not your key differentiator and what really is
  • How to authentically differentiate your business so that it serves you as well as it serves your clients




Ready to set your photography business apart and claim your own brand of success?

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  • A 25,000-word digital guide to differentiating your business authentically
  • An editable, printable workbook with 18 soul-searching exercises to help you uncover what makes you unique and clearly express that to clients
  • Two MP3s and 60 minutes of audio sharing an actual client’s Inspiration and Portfolio Review sessions—to help you better understand two critical exercises in this course
  • Transcripts of each recording


When I invested in Art Aligned, I was on the brink of boxing up my camera and putting it awayAs I worked through the book, the “You” section was the hardest for me. I found it hard to see what makes “me” me, but if you don’t know who you are, how do you know what will work best for you business- and life-wise? Going through the Art Aligned guide really made me think about my business and my struggles in honoring my talent, marketing, and life-balance needsIf you’re struggling with changes in the photography industry, buy this. It’s worth every penny! ~ Denise Marie Olson, Mommy & Me Photography

Newcomers to the field and veterans alike will benefit from Art Aligned’s well-crafted curriculum. In a world of copycat artists and a race to the bottom of the pricing scale, this guide will help you tell the story of your business and stand out in your marketplace. Art Aligned is an honest, experienced, and wise companion to guide you to professional success and artistic fulfillment.  ~ Dawn Tacker, Eos Photography

Art Aligned is not just a “business manual” or a “how-to” book. It is a guide on how to help any photographer uncover his or her passions, and create a unique business that truly resonates with clients and self alike. If you’re willing to go on the journey, you will come out the other side with a business that can be successful for years to come. I highly recommend this book!  ~ Kate MacKinnon, Clinton MacKinnon Photography

Art Aligned is a wonderfully written guide to help photographers of all levels to not only create a sustainable business model but also to incorporate tools for thoughtful introspection in their lives and businesses. Kate’s warm and detailed approach helps you master your craft and clarify your unique brand message in an authentic way. If you want a get-rich-quick guide to growing your photography business, this is NOT the course for you. Success comes from the inside out and this course is specifically designed to help you create your best work and have fun doing it.  ~ Ariane Hunter, Photographer and Coach

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About the Author

During my time as a professional photographer, I enjoyed a lot of success — and some abysmal failures.

Over the years, I noticed a surprising pattern: my biggest flops were the direct result of listening to well-intentioned business advice. Tips from colleagues and consultants. Strategies from lauded experts. Tricks of the trade from industry icons. Formulas. Tactics. Recipes.

I “best practiced” my art and my business to the point of personal burnout. Then, I realized the messy misalignment: by adopting other people’s strategies for success, I was ignoring my own unique gifts, abilities and artistic impulses. I wasn’t designing my ideal photography business — I was accepting a facsimile of somebody else’s.

Here’s the truth: when it comes to making a living through your art, there are no rules. No shoulds, or must-dos, or don’t-even-think-about-its. You can spin your wheels for years, trying to outmaneuver your competition with “tried-and-true” shooting and sales tactics, using the latest and greatest actions and templates. Or you can play to your strengths, celebrate your gifts, and take command of your business, as only you can.

With Art Aligned, I’ve synthesized my combined experience as a multimillion dollar fundraiser, consultant to nonprofits and small businesses, and award-winning photographer into a supportive education platform for wedding and portrait photographers. The goal: To help you create the business of your dreams and educate your clients about what makes you one of a kind.