An Invitation to the Universe

I’m going to take a page from writer extraordinaire Alexandra Franzen today and send an open invitation to the Universe to see what percolates. If you’re new to the concept, this invitation is a list of things I desire right now and a list of things I’m happy to offer in return.

As Alexandra says, “I have some needs. And I have some skillz.”

an invitation to the universe

Photo Credit: geezaweezer via Compfight cc

What I Desire:

  • A marketing guru: Someone who loves reaching out to bloggers for interviews, strategizing for and posting on social media, etc., to get buzz going for my self-study course for photographers and consulting offerings.
  • An accountability partner
  •  In-studio time with a Bay Area photographer, to talk about studio lighting setups and equipment, and practice portrait lighting techniques.
  • A broader community, particularly some new Bay Area girlfriends as well as creative souls such as professional artists, photographers, and writers, and adoption enthusiasts, local and worldwide.
  • Introductions to people who are interested in issues impacting disenfranchised youth, and particularly empowering youth toward living fulfilling and productive lives through workforce development and entrepreneurial education. Perhaps culminating in a gathering or co-creations to address this need.
  • Surprises by mail: Fun, glittery postcards, inspirational thoughts, handwritten letters, gifts, and other goodies. Let’s make checking the mail fun again!

What I Can Offer:

  • Postcard-size watercolor paintings like this or this.
  • On-location, natural light photography for people in love. Families, couples, man + dog. If there are (at least) two of you and you live between San Jose and San Francisco, you’ve got me.
  • Advice or strategic support, particularly if you’re fundraising for a creative project, honing your photographic style, or advancing a creative or service business.
  • Handwritten thank you letters. I’ve been told I write good ones. Need some help?
  • You tell me. What do you need that you think I can provide?

If you’re intrigued by this invitation to the Universe and would like to reach out, please send me an email. No need to comment otherwise — I’m just putting some thoughts and wishes out there.


Kate Watson