Artist of the Week: Brigitte Carnochan

The men have had a good run but it’s time to acknowledge the ladies of photography, don’t ya think? Is anyone besides me yearning for spring? That is what made me select this week’s artist: Brigitte Carnochan.

Brigitte’s fine art photography depicts primarily nudes and botanicals. What better in springtime, right? Running naked through a field of poppies… Oh wait, you don’t do that? I’d like to say, “Maybe it’s just me,” but yeah, neither do I. Maybe next year.


I discovered Brigitte’s work at one of my favorite galleries, Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica. She creates platinum/palladium prints (as shown above) and handpainted images (below).

Calla Lily III (c) Brigitte Carnochan

Calla Lily III (c) Brigitte Carnochan

Two Morning Glories (c) Brigitte Carnochan

Two Morning Glories (c) Brigitte Carnochan

I have a copy of her 2006 book, Bella Figura. It’s a beautiful monograph:


It features Brigitte’s handpainted photographs, including the one that first caught my eye, Dancer I:

Dancer I (c) Brigitte Carnochan, in Bella Figura

Dancer I (c) Brigitte Carnochan, in Bella Figura

Her latest project, Floating World, was inspired by a collection of poems written by Japanese women between the 7th and 20th centuries. For it, she printed images on handmade Japanese mulberry paper and had Richard Mann calligraph the name of each poet in each piece:

Butterflies, Tell me (c) Brigitte Carnochan

Butterflies, Tell me (c) Brigitte Carnochan, Floating World


Half Hidden (c) Brigitte Carnochan, Floating World

To learn more about Brigitte or explore her work in more detail, please visit her website or check out this video.

I am completely entranced by her platinum prints. In fact, I’m seriously considering taking a class on how to do that now. What moves you about Brigitte’s work?