Overcoming fear, uncertainty and doubt

My friend Cassandra, a coach for female business owners, recently asked her blog readers if they were sharing their unique message with the world.  Her post spoke to me so strongly that I wanted to copy the whole thing and paste it over here, but I decided instead to pay homage and start a related discussion.

Cassandra admits to having some difficulty staying in the space where she fully claims, declares and shares who she is with the world (her insightful words, not mine).  Anyone else out there with her…and me?  I fully admit to having limiting beliefs, and I’ve been working on fixing that.  I am happy to say I have fewer now than I did years ago and that I now recognize areas where more work is needed — big step for someone who used to believe life was just happening to her, right?  Who knows what else I have to uncover, however.  That’s ok, life is a process of self-evolution and, as long as I’m on this earth, I’m on a journey.  Everything need not be figured out today.

We all have inklings of who we want to be and what we want to do even if the little voice in our heads can be hard to hear at times or the message fleeting, or if there’s a disconnect between our ideal and our current reality.  So, why is it that we have trouble hearing the message or allow ourselves to be led from our true paths? What is so pervasive about fear or uncertainty? And what can we do about it?  Anyone have tips, tricks or thoughts to share?

So, before I sign off today, a little inspiration, Cassandra-style, for us all:

Faith and Focus

It is time to trust my Soul, trust in the process, and know that my inevitable success is already on its way.  I am ready to harness the power of focus.

I claim it.

I believe in it.

I am open to receive it.

Cassandra Rae

Happy Friday,